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Hampton Virginia

Hampton is one of the seven major cities that make up the Hampton Roads metropolitan area on the southeastern end of the Virginia peninsula. Hampton was founded in 1610 and is the oldest continuous English speaking settlement in U.S. There are various historical sites from the birth of our nation all the way to the present. The first battle between two iron clad war ships changed how naval warfare would be fought from that day forward. It was also the place where President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and the tree that was behind him still stands today. Heroin and Opioid abuse has continued to rise in Hampton. Police and law enforcement officials realize that they are unable to arrest their way out of the problem. This crisis if taking many lives, is destroying families and is shattering the community. Heroin and Opioids are not the only substances abused in Hampton, cocaine, alcohol, and other prescription medications are also heavily used. All of these substances are have the potential to be very addicting, causing users to do whatever it takes to get their next fix. If you have found yourself addicted to any substance, there are places that can help. Our rehab is well equipped to get you a new lease on life. Don’t become a statistic, seek help today. Call us today at (705) 209-2666 to break free.

Do you Feel like there is No Way Out?

When you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol it can produce the feeling of helplessness, like you are trapped in a never ending cycle. You may not want to use or drink but find yourself doing it anyway. There may be various consequences that result from your drinking and/or drugging, but you still continue to use. You may even stop for a period of time but find yourself right back where you left off before you can comprehend what happened. Addiction can come with feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness, and you may not understand why you just can’t quit for good. This is because addiction is a disease. A disease that centers in the mind and body, that produces an abnormal reaction to drugs and/or alcohol. Although there is no cure for the disease of addiction, there has been methods of treatment formed to help the addict take their life back. Although it may seem impossible to return from the seemingly hopeless grip of addiction to a life free from active addiction. It does not matter if you have suffered from addiction for just a short period of time or if you have struggled for many years, we believe that anyone is able to recover. Living in active addiction is not living, it is merely existing, there is a way out of your suffering, call us today at (705) 209-2666 and take your life back.

Personalized Treatment

There is not a one size fits all form of treatment for addiction. While addiction is a disease, it affects each person in its grasp differently. Our main goal is to give our clients the best opportunity to overcome their addiction which is why we will develop a customized treatment program based on your specific needs. This helps in the creation of an environment that is most ideal for the client to battle their addiction. Some methods of treatment we implement are group and individual therapy, physical activity, music therapy, yoga therapy, equine therapy, and 12-step meetings. Our therapists are all Master’s lever or higher educated that specialize in addiction and co-occurring disorders. Along with the individual treatment plan we create for you while you are in treatment, we will work to develop a personal aftercare plan that you can use after you complete the treatment. Addiction is a powerful disease, there is no known cure, it is a chronic illness that, if left untreated, it will continue to progress. The way to overcome it is with dedication and perseverance, it is not easy to make the transition from active addiction into an addict in recovery. Our staff will be here for through every step of your recovery. If you have found yourself in the midst of addiction, don’t wait for it to get any worse. Get help now!

Leaving a Negative Environment Behind

Admitting you are addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a huge step in overcoming addiction. This can be seen as the first step toward your recovery. There are many treatment centers to choose from so it may be hard to find the one for you. When a person becomes addicted, they will tend to surround themselves with people who won’t question their use and tend to frequent places that fuel their addiction. Traveling for treatment is a great way to get the person away from all of the negative influences that they have surrounded themselves with. In order to give the addict a better chance to find recovery, it is an extremely wise decision to choose a rehab that is not near their hometown. Traveling for treatment is directly related to higher rates of completion of treatment. Removing the addict from their comfort area allows for the addict to focus solely on themselves and not worry about what is going on outside of their treatment. Leaving the environment that has helped fuel their drug and/or alcohol use allows for them to have a fresh start in a new place. Don’t allow yourself to continue on the path you are, addiction is a deadly foe, get the help you need today by calling (705) 209-2666.

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