Escaping Addiction through Treatment

Drug addiction is a special kind of suffering, only those who have gone through it are able to understand it. Addiction treatment is here to help those who are addicted break free of the chains that active addiction has and provide them the chance to regain their lives without the use of drugs or alcohol. When you are addicted, you become stuck in this terrible cycle of using even when you do not want to you. Once addicted, a person loses the power of choice, they are no longer in control of their use, they have to get loaded, no matter what. Addiction affects the user physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or both, it doesn’t matter, it begins to take over your life. Treatment is a way to close one door and walk through the next into recovery. Most treatments will begin with a detox period that takes place during the stabilization period. Detox is the technique of eliminating harmful toxins the drugs have left in your body. After the detox you enter into treatment. During your addiction treatment, we will work together to create a personal treatment program that is focused on the needs of the client. Addiction education, family therapy, relapse prevention, individual and group therapy as well as access to 12-step meetings will be components of your treatment. While there is no cure for addiction, the primary purpose of addiction treatment is to provide the addiction with proper coping skills and tools that can help stave off returning to drugs and/or alcohol. We will work to help you become aware of situations that may cause you to use again, how to manage triggers, and how to avoid a relapse. If you are ready to escape from the hell that addiction can be, give us a call today and speak to one of our recovery specialists (705) 209-2666.

What to Expect at Treatment

Addiction is a cunning enemy, it may seem like a battle you can never win, but given the right weapons, it can be beaten into remission. There are many different forms for treatment, that all work in their own way. Our treatment consists of a multitude of evidence based therapies. When you come to our treatment you will first enter into a stabilization period where you are able to detox off the substances you are on, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and sober living houses. Our therapists are Master’s level or higher educated that are highly trained in addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. We use art, music, equine, individual, group, cognitive behavioral therapies. In addition to these therapies we base our treatment around the 12-step model which has already be proven to help the lives of many addicts. You will have a personal treatment program developed when you enter into treatment that is based around specific situation, also, we will work to create an aftercare plan that you can follow once your treatment is complete. An aftercare plan is a personalized tool that is there to help give you direction when you are no longer living in the structured environment of the treatment center. Making the decision to enter into a treatment center is a giant step in the right direction to regaining control of your life. It takes courage to admit that you need help. Once you have made that decision, you can begin your journey a life that is free from drugs, our addiction treatment center is here to provide you the opportunity to over your substance abuse struggles.

Giving Yourself a Chance to Live Life

Living with addiction is no longer living, it is merely existing, the never ending cycle of addiction is mentally and physically taxing. Once you are addicted it can feel like there is no hope in ever stopping. There is hope, you are able to stop using, you are able to find a new way to live without the use of mind altering substances. With the help of an addiction treatment center you can regain your life. There is no known cure for addiction, it is a lifelong battle that addicts must face on a daily basis. Deciding to go to a treatment center for a few months is just the start of your journey. Treatment is here to help catapult you into the world of recovery. When you are tired of living a life revolving around drugs, we can work together to help you find a way out. Whether you are getting loaded or you are in recovery, life is full of trials and tribulations but they are much easier to face without the use of drugs and/or alcohol clouding your judgement. Our treatment center wants to give you a new, healthy way to cope with life without using mind altering substances. If you want to put an end to the insanity of addiction, call one of our treatment specialist today at (705) 209-2666 and take your back from the drugs.