What is the Point of Rehab?

If you have found yourself addicted to alcohol, rehab is the smartest option available. Withdrawals from alcohol are uncomfortable, painful and even deadly. This makes seeking rehab for alcohol dependency extremely important, even if you are in good physical health, alcohol withdrawals are known to cause seizures which have led to people dying. It is way too common for people to sit idly and watch how alcohol destroys their life. This happens when someone resigns to the notion that there is no way out of the cycle of alcohol abuse. They may not know where or even how to ask for help. There are feelings of shame and guilt that the user can experience because of the stigma associated with alcoholism keeping them from reaching out. No one wants to grow up to be an alcoholic, it is not something people aspire to be, but it is easy to fall into alcohol addiction. As much as the user wants to think their drinking only hurts themselves, they are wrong, their drinking effects everyone around them. It is hard for the person who is in active addiction to see or understand this. Alcohol dependency will destroy the user physically and psychologically. There are many health concerns that happen when someone is abusing alcohol, ulcers, epilepsy, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, dietary deficiencies, damage to the nervous system and death are all known problems. Along with physical health problems, many mental health problems are created by alcohol addiction. Our rehab is here to help you break the physical dependency from alcohol as well as teach you how to overcome the mental addiction to alcohol. We want to work directly with you in helping you regain what alcohol has taken away as well as build a life that you always wanted without drinking. Call today at (705) 209-2666 and lets begin your new life together.

Why is Customized Rehab Important?

Alcohol addiction is a disease. This notion is medically accepted and like other diseases it can and will damage the life the individual who suffers from it. Just like other diseases, there have a been special methods developed that are used in the treatment of alcohol dependency. To us, it does not matter if you have been abusing alcohol for a short period or if you have struggled with alcohol dependency for many years, anyone can recover. No situation is hopeless. Deciding to come to our rehab has its benefits. We will work together to customize a treatment plan based around you as an individual. We are well aware that there is not a one size fits all form of treatment for alcoholism. We implement a variety of different proven therapies, that cover a range of co-occurring disorders that can come along with alcohol abuse. We allow for a stabilization period where you are able to comfortably detox and get your head clear of the fog left by the alcohol, individual and group therapy, as well as access to the 12-step community. The foundation you build during rehab is the basis for you to achieve long term sobriety. While some rehab facilities only focus on the drinking problem, we focus on the drink as part of the problem and understand there may be hidden issues that help drive someone to continue drinking. Our rehab treats alcoholism as a symptom of a larger problem and we will work to get to the bottom of any underlying problems you may have. Alcoholism can be driven by other mental illnesses like depression, trauma, or bi-polar disorder, our therapists are Master’s level or higher educated and specialize in addiction treatment as well as co-occurring disorders. This is where personalized rehab is key. Along with your willingness to overcome your drinking problem, our therapist can help get the root of why you drink, regardless of the consequences of doing so. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, do not wait any longer, get the help needed today. Call us at (705) 209-2666 to begin a new chapter in life.

A New Start to Life

Alcohol dependency has to ability to steal away the happiness, friends, family, careers from people who suffer from it. While these are terrible, it is not all it steals, it has to ability to steal the person away from themselves. It is a lonely journey to be stuck in alcoholism, but you are not alone. We are here to help you steal your life back from the bottle. We completely understand how difficult overcoming alcohol addiction seems, but with the help of our rehab, many alcoholics have picked up the necessary skills to do battle with their alcohol demon. Our rehab has helped countless individuals and families overcome the horrors of alcoholism. We offer family therapy sessions and education classes so that family members can understand more of the addiction. If you have decided you no longer want to continuing on drinking and destroying all you love don’t hesitate to call us, we are here for you anytime of the day (705) 209-2666.